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Mid-Market Growth Strategy for Major Corporations, Financiers & Key Investors 

v    For Fortune 1000, Global 2000 and select Mid-Market Companies and their Financiers/Key Investors:  "Growth Strategy for the Mid-Market -- Building Highly Valuable, Sustainable and Profitable World-Class Businesses, Divisions, Brands, Products, Services and Solutions."


Major Purpose:  "Profitably and Efficiently Penetrating the Mid-Market Company sector -- U.S. and Globally -- by THE leading Authority in the Mid-Market" 

The Commercial Mid-Market -- A Distinct, Vast, Profitable and Global Market Opportunity


Very few large corporations understand that the Mid-Market company sector is dramatically different than either the Small Business market or the Fortune 1000/Large Enterprise market.  In fact, most corporations and governments around the globe make the critical mistake of combining Small and Mid-Market businesses together as if they were one marketplace for their Growth Strategy (Small/Medium Business (SMB) or Small/Medium Enterprises (SME)).  CEOs from Mid-Market companies (US$100 million to US$2.0+ billion annual revenues) have constantly told us they "resent being called and treated like Small Business or a 'dumbed-down' version of a Fortune 1000 company."  The world has changed.  This strategy will NOT create dominant and highly profitable market leaders in the marketplace going forward. 


"Mid-Market Centric" Growth Strategy - A Requirement for Mid-Market Success


In our 23+ years experience with leading Mid-Market companies and their CEOs, most migration strategies to "move up-market" from Small Business or "move down-market" from the Fortune 1000 market are downright failures or perhaps only modest successes.  The five (5) Mid-Market sub-segments across twelve industry sectors each require unique and specialized approaches -- tailored specifically from the Mid-Market points of view, needs and buying behaviors -- if major enterprises are to grow, profit and lead in a big way. 


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