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Features & Benefits: "The Global Mid-Market CEO NetworkSM"                
  • Focus on Growth, Profitability, Equity Value, and a Fulfilling and Passionate Life as Mid-Market company CEOs
  • Exclusive CEO-to-CEO global peer network AND "Next Level" Mentor and Advisory Network (Unique feature)
  • The "Next Level" Mentor and Advisory Network allows CEOs access to other CEOs one to two "levels" above where they are now -- including networking with Fortune 1000 CEOs
  • The "Best of the Best:"  Preferred relationships with World-Class Corporate Strategic Partners & Sponsors in key categories where CEOs spend and invest their company's money, time and resources

Primary Benefits              

  • THE Go-To place for "All Things Mid-Market" to achieve actionable results:  Centralized resources, information, research, marketplace and leverage
  • Mid-Market centric products, services, solutions and programs.  This includes giving CEOs more time or freeing up time for those things that are most important
  • Virtual, face-to-face and interactive opportunities to leverage relationships and results with fellow Mid-Market CEOs and Best of Class partners
  • Sophisticated technology and database tools for surfacing unique opportunities and matching companies and CEOs in special ways including new alliances, potential clients, acquisition and investment opportunities, and improving business and financial performance

For the Company

  • Stronger, more profitable, more valuable and more sustainable Mid-Market companies worldwide
  • Better leverage of opportunities, faster:  CEO to CEO globally, regionally and locally
  • Greater flexibility, adaptability, agility and speed in the marketplace
  • Greater brand equity-building and credibility with all major stakeholders:  shareholders, Wall Street, management and staff, government and regulators, customers and potential customers, strategic allies and vendors
  • Unique marketing, sales and public relations opportunities in the marketplace and major media to showcase the company and its top leadership

For You - The Mid-Market Company CEO

  • Greater results with better life balance, integration, and quality of life 
  • More time for you to spend where it is most important to you
  • Greater fulfillment, fun and passion in your life
  • Unique World-Class experiences, opportunities, memories and rewarding long-term relationships with like-minded CEOs
  • A safe and confidential place to share your ideas, concerns, and life challenges and gain new insights from others "who have been there"
  • Delivering the BEST:  we recognize you are successful, smart, sophisticated and discriminating -- and don't have time to waste on things that aren't the absolute best.